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HMS Library FAQ s

Students are encouraged to have a book with them at all times during the school day!

Q: How many books may students check out from the HMS Library?

A: Students may check out up to 3 books at a time.

Q: How long can I keep my books?

A: Books are checked out for a period of 3 weeks. If you need them longer, come by and renew them, or renew them online through Destiny (Gray Follett Destiny icon in your portal).  Login with your student login, go to "My Info."  You will see a list of books you have checked out and a button to click for renewal. *Keep in mind that another student may be waiting for that book that has been living in your backpack, unused for months.  Please return books that you are no longer reading for other students to enjoy!*

Q: Does the HMS library charge fines for overdue books?

A: We will not collect fines for books that are not returned on time.  However, if a book has been overdue for 40 days it will automatically be marked as lost in our system, and a fine for the price of the book will be issued to your My School Bucks account.  Fines may be paid online through MSB or with cash to Mrs. Stoker in the library. If the book is returned by the end of the school year in good condition the fine will be removed.  *If you are returning a book that you have had out for longer than one year, you MUST include a note with your name on it inside the book, or we will not be able to see who the book was checked out to and the fine will remain on your account.*

Q: Can I visit the HMS Library during school hours?

A: Yes, absolutely!  If the light is on and the door is open, students may visit the library during any period as long as they have a pass from their teacher for that period.  In the rare case that the light is off and the door is closed, that means the library is not open and you will need to come back at a later time.  *Remember that if Mrs. Stoker is with a class, she may not be able to stop and assist you with finding a book.  You may choose to come back at a later time, or you may leave a note in her chair about what you need along with your name and she will get back with you as soon as she can.*

Q: If I am having a problem with my school issued laptop, do I bring it to the library?

A: If you are able to log in to the Student Portal on your laptop, please enter a work order by clicking the orange icon "Submit a Technology Work Order".  If you are not able to access the portal from your computer, you may use the Technology Kiosk in the library.  There are step-by-step instructions posted next to the computer to assist you.

Once you have entered the work order, you will need to drop your computer off in the library to be sent to technology, and check out a loaner laptop to use while yours is being repaired.  Once your computer is ready to be picked up, you will either be notified through Canvas, or called to the library by the front office.  Please be sure to bring the loaner computer (and charger) you were issued when you come to pick up your laptop.

*Once again, please remember that if Mrs. Stoker has a class, she may not be able to stop and immediately assist you with your computer needs.  If this is the case, you may be asked to come back at a later time.  Teachers should have a back-up plan ready to go for students in the event of technological issues.*