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Mrs. Erika McDaniel » Class Expectations and Syllabus

Class Expectations and Syllabus

My expectation for my students is that they are respectful to people and property, come to class prepared (laptops charged along with the charger just in case), and ready to work.  
Students that fail to rise to these expectations will receive three warnings.  After the third warning parents will be contacted.  If students are still not meeting expectations they will 
The syllabus for both Computer I and Digital Design are posted below.  I did not include a supplies section for either class.  Due to the nature of the classes the majority of their work will be done on their laptop.  It is imperative that they bring their laptop to school charged.  I highly recommend bringing the charger as well.  While I do have some headphones students are encouraged to have their own and a USB or Bluetooth mouse if they choose.  They will be able to complete their work without a mouse but many students find it easier to use a mouse than a touchpad.