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Erika McDaniel » Erika McDaniel - 7th grade Texas History

Erika McDaniel - 7th grade Texas History

Welcome to Texas history!  This year we will cover all things Texas.  We will start with the geography of Texas and the first people of Texas and cover all the way to present day.  This year I would like to compare what is going on in Texas to what is/was going on in the rest of America.  This will help your student be more familiar with American history and my hope is that it helps them next year when they take the 8th grade social studies STAAR test.  
This year Huffman ISD is also participating in National History Day Fair.  This year's theme is "Conflict & Compromise."  My Pre-AP students are required to participate and my on-level students are encouraged to participate.  Students may work individually or in groups of up to five.  Students do not necessarily need to work with someone in their class.  The groups can be students from 6th-8th grade as long as all members attend Huffman Middle School.  I realize this may create some conflict with after-school extra-curricular activities.  I will try to create class time to work on projects whenever possible.  Tuesday through Friday I am usually still at school until about four and students can feel free to come by if they need help.