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Book Correlation:


Circumference of circles--Vol. 2, pages 343-350

Area of circles--Vol 2, pages 617-626


Probability -- Vol. 1, beginning on page 359


Scale Drawing Vol. 1 Pg. 309

Similar Figures Vol. 1 Pg. 321




Good afternoon,

All we have left of the school year is final exams!  Attached is the final exam review, which is due when your student takes their math final exam.  Students should have received the review on Friday or before, but I wanted to email it home just in case.  It will also be posted on It’s Learning and on my teacher page.  Students may use the review on their final and it will give them 5 extra credit points on the final.

Math progress reports will be going home on Tuesday.  This will be your student’s grade for Marking period 4. The semester grade is calculated by the following: 40% for each marking period and 20% final exam.

The Schedule for the week of May 28th is as follows:

Monday—School Holiday

Tuesday—Review for all classes







Thursday--     4th—Final





Friday--          7th –Final


                      11:30—Early Release

Have a restful and safe Memorial Weekend and Summer.


Logging into It’s Learning

  1. Go to Huffman ISD home page (
  2. At the top are three tabs (students, parents, staff).  Click on the students tab.
  3. Log in using your computer long in information (last name then initials of first and middle name, password lunch number).
  4. Click on the It’s Learning tile (it is orange and white).
  5. If it does not populate your log in information, log in just like you did before.
  6. At the top of the page, click on the Courses drop down menu, then click on math.
  7. Click on resources.
  8. Choose the Unit we are currently working on.
  9. Click on the assignment, the date is was assigned will be in the title.  The link for the video and also the electronic file for the notes are there if needed.
 **Remember that if you need another copy of any homework assignment/notes, you can log into Its Learning from your student portal and find all documents.**
Math Department  Tutoring Schedule:
Every day from 3-3:30pm.
*Afternoon Tutorials end at 3:30pm*
Phone: 281-324-7703 extension: 7703
Conference: 6th Period (M, T, F 12:22-1:09 PM, Thursday 10:24-12:25 PM)