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Welcome to the Huffman Middle School site!


I am Allison Hall (soon to be Allison Donelson as I am changing my name) and I teach 7th On Level Math.

Welcome to my home page.



Conference Times (3rd Period):      Monday, Tuesday and Friday   9:01-9:50 am

                                                           Wednesday                              12:35-2:01 am


Parent Portal:

Please check parent portal (the link is above) to check your student's class progress.   Parents may use the portal to set notices to alert you if you student receives any failing grades.


Grading Policy:

  •      For each nine week grading period, there will be:
  •      Minimum 12 daily grades per grading period
  •      Minimum of 3 major grades per grading period
    •    Re-test Policy: Students may complete a re-test or alternate assignment for a grade no higher than a 70.  They will have one week from the time they are shown their graded test.   The student will receive the higher of the two grades (first test or re-test/secondary assignment). Maximum of two corrected tests per grading period.
  •     Make-Up Work Policy: 1 day is given for each day absent to submit the assignment
  •     Late-work Policy:
  •      1 day late = 10 point deduction
  •      2 days late = 20 point deduction
  •      3 days late = 30 points deduction
  •      4 or more days late = accepted at teacher’s discretion (maximum of 50 points on assignment)
  •     Extra Credit:
          •      Since all assignments may be corrected to a 70, I do not give any additional extra credit.  However if a student wants extra work to work on a particular skill they can come to tutorials and I will be happy to provide that, as well as work with them.


Math Department Tutoring Schedule, 3:00--3:30 pm 

There will be a 7th grade math teacher available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I will be available Monday and Wednesday. 

Students have to be in my room by 3:00 pm in order to attend tutorials.  Transportation needs to be prearranged before students stay after school.  If a student is asked to leave tutorials due to a behavior problem, they will not be allowed back into tutorials until there has been a parent meeting to discuss behavior issues.