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Welcome to 6th grade World Cultures!

In Grade 6, students will expand their knowledge and study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. Through a number of different activities, students will describe the influence of individuals and groups on historical and contemporary events and identify the locations and geographic characteristics of various societies throughout the world. Students will identify different ways of organizing economic and governmental systems. The concepts of limited and unlimited government are introduced and students describe the nature of citizenship in various societies. Students will compare institutions common to all societies such as government, education, and religious institutions. Finally, students will explain how the level of technology affects the development of the various societies and identify different points of view about events.

Course Outline:

Unit 01: Thinking Like a Geographer: The World’s Geographic Patterns

Unit 02: Legacy of Colonialism: Latin America

Unit 04: We Are Family: Europe

Unit 05: Empire and Ethnicity: Russia and the Eurasian Republics

Unit 06: A Crossroads of Diffusion: Southwest Asia/North Africa

Unit 07: Facing Challenges: Sub-Saharan Africa

Unit 08: Unity and Division: South Asia

Unit 09: Tradition in a Modernizing World: East and Southeast Asia

Unit 10: Adapting Down Under: Pacific Realm

Unit 11: Freedom for All: The United States and Canada

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