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News Websites & Sources

Throughout this semester, students will be looking up a variety of topics that are present nationally or internationally (not local) in the news on many of their block schedule days.

The purpose of this is to bring awareness to students about various current events that occur in society as well as in their careers of interest. 

Students will discuss news that is national or international periodically throughout the semester that includes, but is not limited to, technology, science, or health and wellness. The article can be from a newspaper, news broadcast, or an internet site as long as they record where they found their news story, date, and time (TV viewing), if applicable.

Here are a few suggestions that students can use for websites:

If students decide to watch the the news on television, they must (on a separate sheet of paper OR on the attached form) summarize the story including the who, what, where, when, why, and how of that particular broadcast. They also must write down and explain the source of news and the date and time they watched it.Bitmoji Image