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What We Are Doing

Welcome Back, Falcons ! 

1st 9 Weeks
Computer I - We will begin with our Computer Literacy and Digital Citizenship Unit. We will be exploring the best use of technology, to ensure we are being safe in our digital world. We will be introducing basic classroom polices and procedures. We will remember to implement our Capturing Kids' Hearts Campaign. We are also excited to introduce our Character Strong program, which focuses on character development in order to help students cultivate social-emotional skills, their emotional intelligence, and help them develop a stronger identity and purpose in school and in the world.
Advanced Computer Applications- We will be introducing our Digital Literacy Unit; we then will move into our Advanced Excel Unit. We will be re-familiarizing ourselves with basic classroom polices and procedures.We will remember to implement our Capturing Kids' Hearts Campaign. 
Our school has a writing initiative for our students, in which we are very excited about. We will always incorporate a writing component into each unit. This will be a time for students to grasp and enhance their critical thinking skills. Also, it ensures they are using correct grammar and sentence structure while online. 
Syllabus Attached