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HMS - Dance

Dance Class Description:

Dance is an art form that is used all over the world. Every culture has some form of dance and many cultures have several. In this class we will be learning several forms of dance; as well as the technique, vocabulary, and history that go with that form.


A major focus in dance is the kinesthetic awareness and expression that can be learned through movement. As well as learning the movements, students enrolled in a dance class will take away with them self-confidence, self-discipline, and poise.
Christmas Performance
(see attachments at the bottom for dancer expectations and parent information)


(test grade)

Monday, December 3  

2:50 pm – 5:30 pm

*Rehearsal is closed to parents*

*Be sure you have a ride at 5:30 pm*


(final exam grade)

Tuesday, December 4

Dancers must arrive at 4:30 pm 

Performance 1 begins at 5:30

Performance 2 begins at 7:15

See attachment at bottom of page to view the dance syllabus.
Dress-Out Expectations

*Dance clothes must be supportive and allow for adequate movement*

Girl's Tops:  Fitted tops suggested. No spaghetti straps or revealing tops allowed.

Girl's Bottoms:  Leggings are suggested. Spanks must be worn under all shorts (length appropriate). You cannot wear spanks alone as your shorts.


Boy's Tops:  T-Shirt. Cut-Off sleeves are NOT allowed.

Boy's Bottoms:  Jazz pants, joggers or basketball shorts. 


Hair: No hair allowed in the face. Bring hair ties to put into a ponytail. 

Shoes: Paws, jazz shoes, turners, & ballet shoes suggested. You may go barefoot. Tennis shoes will be required during certain units.

Jewelry: No dangling jewelry permitted.

Gum: No gum permitted.