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Sara Shannon » Mrs. Lough's Grading Policy

Mrs. Lough's Grading Policy

What is the Mrs. Lough's Grading policy?
The grading policy is as follows:

Grading Guidelines:

·       Minimum 12 daily grades per grading period

·       Minimum of 3 major grades per grading period

Re-test Policy:

   Students may complete a re-test or alternate assignment for a grade no higher than a 70. 


Mrs. Lough's Test Correction Requirements


In Order To Replace a Failing Test Grade With a 70, You Must Complete The Following Tasks:


  1. On a sheet of notebook paper, write out each question you missed, the correct answer, and a brief explanation of why that answer is correct.
  2. Write a 5 – 10 sentence paragraph explaining: (1) actions you believe led to your failing the test. (2) actions will you take in the future to assure that you are successful on the next test?
  3. Have your parent/guardian sign and date the corrected question sheet and paragraph sheet.
  4. Submit each document to Mrs. Lough for review within class 5 days of receiving test results.


Daily Grade assignments are not eligible for regrades. You keep the grade you earn on daily assignments.


Make-Up Work Policy:  1 day is given for each day absent to submit the assignment


Late-work Policy:

o   1 day late = 10 point deduction

o   2 days late = 20 point deduction

o   3 days late = 30 points deduction

o   4 or more days late = accepted at teacher’s discretion (maximum of 50 points on assignment)


How can I check my child's grades? You can check student grades by logging into Tyler at: