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Cell Phone Policy


Cell Phone Policy in the Classroom



Upon entering the classroom, you (the student) are required to silence your cell phone.  You can either place your phone inside your backpack or in a pocket of the Classroom Pocket Chart -- this is your choice.


You may use the power strip on top of the counter to charge your phone during class as long as it is silenced.  However, you may NOT get your phone and charging cord from the charging area until the end of class.  (Sorry, but I do not provide charging cords or cubes.) 


If your phone is in the Classroom Pocket Chart, you may retrieve your phone 2 minutes before the end of class or with teacher permission.


Everyone does this -- there are no exceptions!


You may keep your phone in your backpack if you choose -- NOT in a  pocket on your body, NOT on your desktop, NOT under your leg.  If I see your phone during class, I will take it up.  Consider this your warning. 



Consequences for Unauthorized Cell Phone Use

If you choose to use or take out your phone during class, these are the consequences:


  • 1st offense – phone is taken up for the class period.  (Phone will be returned at the end of class.)


  • If you question or argue about having your phone taken up – your phone sent to the office for the remainder of the school day.  Parents are contacted and you will have to wait until the end of the school day to get it back.


  • If you refuse to hand in your phone when asked to do so, you will be referred to the office for insubordination.  (Office Admin will confiscate your phone and you may have to pay a fine to have your phone returned.)

** Per Huffman ISD’s BYOD Policy:  Your cell phone is not a required supply for school.  Bringing your personal device to school is your choice.  Mrs. Kelly and Huffman ISD are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal devices. **