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HMS - Dance

Dance Class Description:

Dance is an art form that is used all over the world. Every culture has some form of dance and many cultures have several. In this class we will be learning several forms of dance; as well as the technique, vocabulary, and history that go with that form.

A major focus in dance is the kinesthetic awareness and expression that can be learned through movement. As well as learning the movements, students enrolled in a dance class will take away with their self-confidence, self-discipline, and poise.


Dance Supplies/Dress-Out Expectations

**Dance students need dance clothes, water bottle, and a combination lock (if choosing to use a locker) for class. No additional supplies will be needed at this time. Please read details below.                

**Dance clothes must be supportive, appropriate, and allow for adequate movement**   

Girl's Tops:  T-Shirt or work-out shirt. Straps should be at least 1 inch. No revealing tops allowed (crop top, low-cut, etc.)

Girl's Bottoms:  Leggings, joggers, or workout shorts.  All shorts must be long enough to fully cover bottom while dancing.

Boy's Tops:  T-Shirt

Boy's Bottoms:  Jazz pants, joggers or basketball shorts. 

Hair: Must be pulled back into a ponytail. No hair allowed in the face. 

Shoes: Paws, jazz shoes, turners, & ballet shoes suggested. You may go barefoot. Tennis shoes will be required during certain units.

Jewelry/Gum: No jewelry or gum allowed. 

Contact information: 

Mrs. Stoll

Mrs. Thompson